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The International Princess Registry                                    

The International Princess Registry & Official Princess Certificate  ®  2020

 Once Upon a Time... 


                 Hear ye, Hear ye!  Welcome Princesses, One and All !


Welcome  Princess


   Congratulations and welcome young maiden to your rightful claim as a Royal Princess.  Here you can show the world that you are ready to be Princess of the Kingdom. Now you can embark upon your magical role as Her Highness the Princess. Full of grace, fun and imagination is required for your life as a Princess. Your family, and the people who love you, are so very proud of you. Here, at The International Princess Registry, is the only official place you will be forever famous as a true Princess.


   We are so delighted you have come to claim your royal title. Being a certified Princess carries with it certain responsibilites. You are special. You live and play mindful of being a role model for others. You also represent your Family and Country. The people of your Land look to you for your big heart and positive attitude; your brilliance and sense of fairness. As a Royal you are admired for your honesty, kindness, drive, imagination and loving heart.



     Your name will be permanently placed on The International Princess Registry Scroll of Royalty as a Princess for life, for the whole wide world to witness.


     You will also receive a big beautiful Certificate to frame for your Castle bedroom wall to show the rest of the Kingdom that you are officially recognized and certified as a Royal Princess, Certificate registered with the United States Library of Congress.



   As a new Princess, share your talents so that people from all the world can appreciate your abilities. Have fun being a Princess. Let your heart be known. Live with wonder, laughter and love. Include your friends as a part of your Royalty and the exciting life adventures that await you.


   Always remember, you are very loved and very lucky. Tell your family and friends in your life how much you love them every single day.




   Now to actually become an Officially Certified International Princess Registry Royal Princess,  you must confirm the characteristics of the title.


   You are about to take the Princess Pledge. Please raise your left hand, place your right hand over your heart or on the Bible, to read aloud and affirm the following noble pledge.


         I pledge to always endeavor to be:


           1. honest, truthful and fair;

           2. kind to all people and creatures of the Kingdom;

           3. a smart, confident student willing to learn and share;

           4. full of dreams, wonder and imagination;

           5. willing to always Try My Best.


         Make this pledge to at least two people that you love.




   Congratulations! You have now confirmed the noble qualities of a Royal Princess.

   Now you are ready to be Princess.


    Hooray! Your declaration of these Royal traits will be confirmed and attested to by your family.  The fact that you have accepted this pledge, to be a known Royal throughout the Land as a certified Princess, is cause for real celebration.

                                            Celebrate and share the good news!


    From here forward, you will be expected to display the virtues of love, hard work, loyalty, wonder, humility and happiness expected of the title:


                                          The Crown Princess, Her Royal Highness.




    Now first things first, as a newly acknowledged Royal, we must prepare you to be properly certified. Please go with an adult to the Kingdom's Registry page to enter your name and county information. Entering your name and county will make sure that the Royal Scribe of the Royal Court will prepare the Official Certificate to your approval.  Please enter the name in which you will be recognized throughout the Kingdom and the village, shire or county where you rule, on the official Kingdom's Registry.


   Next, on Her Highness' agenda, is to register on the Purchase page. Please confirm the information requested for purchase and shipping of your Certificate to be sent to your home castle. Remember to ask for an adult to help you enter this information, if Her Highness is under eighteen years of age. All transactions are completely secured by


   Now you can embark on your magical journey from Lady to Royal Princess.


   Fairness and loyalty. Competitiveness and compassion. Leadership and encouragement. Humility and indominable spirit. Dreams, hard work and achievement.


   These are all personal maxims for you to wear as a crown with you each day while you conduct yourself as a Royal and Leader of your Land. These are virtues bestowed upon you from your ancesters and attributed to you from your present day family and admirers.


    You are admired by all. Use your love, courage, compassion, intelligence and inner beauty to work hard to reach your dreams; and use your heart and friendship to make people's lives better. Be kind, confident and show courage. Kindness is magical.


    Your Royal Highness, your "Once Upon a Time" is right now.


                                                 Congratulations your Majesty.




Remember to please now go to BOTH pages:

Kingdom's Registry Page to enter your information


Purchase Page to obtain your certificate shipped via UPS, secured by PayPal.

      Princess Diana                 Princess Madeleine           Crown Princess Masako

      of Great Britian                     of Sweden                                 of Japan


     Princess Leia Amidala-Skywalker

     Organa of Alderaan

international princess registry ® 2016

The Authentic, Original, Official and Only Registry for Princesses

throughout the World.  ™


Every girl is a Princess in her heart. ™

"The absolute most unique

Christmas gift in the world is to make your princess,

an International Princess"

                  Three Easy Steps

1. Go to: "Castle" home page and take the Princess Pledge.

2. Go to: "Kingdom's Registry" page and enter Princess name and county.

3. Go to: "Purchase" page and register securely with Paypal.

Be KInd and Have Courage. Where there is Kindness, there is Goodness and where there is Goodness, ...there is Magic.

Made proudly in

The United States of America

with 100% Certified Pure Mommy, Daddy & Grandparent Love.

"My little girl said this was the 

'best day of her life!' when she got her Princess Certificate from the carrier."

- DW, Dallas, USA


"I love being a Princess." - CDL, London, UK


"I gave this beautiful certificate to my daughter who is getting married this fall. She will always be my little princess. Thank you for this."               - MH, Chicago, USA


"I have been a Princess my whole life, now I can show everyone."                    - KT, Salt Lake City, USA


"This is the most special and unique gift in the world."

- DT, Cork, Ireland

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 The International Princess Registry, LLC.,  2020

"There is nothing better than being a Princess"

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