The International Princess Registry
The International Princess Registry                                    

Official Certificate


      As a newly crowned Princess you are entitled to your Official Papers proclaiming your ascension to the Thrown. With this beautiful document you can now show all, vistiors near and far, who visit your Castle, your certified position of Royalty.


Please display your Certificate proudly and with grandeaur, for this parchment deed is registered with the United States Library of Congress.


Additionally, your name is forever permanently listed on the ancient scrolls of the International Princess Registry for all to see. Your friends and family can see your official name proudly displayed all around the world.


      Let it Be Known throughout The Land that this Princess is Herby Recognized to Her Birthright of Royalty, hereby proclaiming Her Ascension to:


                                               Her Majesty The Royal Princess


The three photos are of an actual certificate. It is a beautiful, parchment document, 11x17, featuring the Princess' name and county in Edwardian calligrahpy script, enchanted with sparkling pixie diamond-dust and certified official with a real royal crimson red wax seal stamp, perfect for framing in Her Majesty's royal bedroom. 

  Princess Beatrice               Princess Luisa Maria        Princess Sikhanyiso

     of Great Britian                        of Belgium                        of Swaziland

international princess registry ® 2016

The Authentic, Original, Official and Only Registry for Princesses

throughout the World.  ™


Every girl is a Princess in her heart. ™

"The absolute most unique

Christmas gift in the world is to make your princess,

an International Princess"

                  Three Easy Steps

1. Go to: "Castle" home page and take the Princess Pledge.

2. Go to: "Kingdom's Registry" page and enter Princess name and county.

3. Go to: "Purchase" page and register securely with Paypal.

Be KInd and Have Courage. Where there is Kindness, there is Goodness and where there is Goodness, ...there is Magic.

Made proudly in

The United States of America

with 100% Certified Pure Mommy, Daddy & Grandparent Love.

"My little girl said this was the 

'best day of her life!' when she got her Princess Certificate from the carrier."

- DW, Dallas, USA


"I love being a Princess." - CDL, London, UK


"I gave this beautiful certificate to my daughter who is getting married this fall. She will always be my little princess. Thank you for this."               - MH, Chicago, USA


"I have been a Princess my whole life, now I can show everyone."                    - KT, Salt Lake City, USA


"This is the most special and unique gift in the world."

- DT, Cork, Ireland

Contact the Royal Support Team at:

 The International Princess Registry, LLC.,  2020

"There is nothing better than being a Princess"

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